[JDEV] More on namespaces in jabberd

Fabrice DESRE - FT.BD/FTRD/DMI/GRI fabrice.desre at francetelecom.com
Wed Oct 3 11:13:26 CDT 2001


Just another misbehavior in jabberd :
If I send:
<?xml version='1.0'?>
<stream:stream to='jabber' 
   <jab:iq id='A3' type='get'>
       <query xmlns='jabber:iq:auth'>

This should be correctly understood by jabberd, but it is not
the case :-(( (I get a 406 error 'not acceptable')
It seems simply that jabberd is not namespace aware, hence it is
not conformant with the standards it claims to use. Being stuck
with UTF-8 is an acceptable constraint (ok with respect to the
standard) but a so inaccurate support of namespaces is not.
 Are there any plans to a) upgrade libxode or b) switch to a
conformant parser (xerces in sax2 mode comes to mind) ?


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