[JDEV] More on namespaces in jabberd

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Wed Oct 3 20:49:12 CDT 2001

well put :-)

I would like to know reasons that this is not considered acceptable - I 
have plenty of points against it in my mind in the way of backwards 
compatiblity and server workload, but no solid points for it.

-David Waite

Jeremie wrote:

>>It seems simply that jabberd is not namespace aware, hence it is
>>not conformant with the standards it claims to use.
>Not true, it's use is conformant with namespaces, it is only using a
>subset of the specification in this case.  This is no different from the
>use of XML, in that there is no support for entities, prologs, etc, and
>only a subset of XML is actually being used.  Other than the namespaces
>the server uses itself, all other uses (between clients, services, or any
>software sending xml via jabber) may use namespaces in any way they
>>Being stuck
>>with UTF-8 is an acceptable constraint (ok with respect to the
>>standard) but a so inaccurate support of namespaces is not.
>> Are there any plans to a) upgrade libxode or b) switch to a
>>conformant parser (xerces in sax2 mode comes to mind) ?
>There are no plans for this type of overhaul for the 1.4 codebase as most
>of the server development effort is being put into jabelin. At this point
>a server supporting namespaces in such a way would have to translate all
>namespace usage into the current "flat" format for existing clients and
>servers it delivers to, supporting the feature in this way would offer
>no benefit to anyone other than the sender.
>I do agree that it would be very nice and we should work towards a new rev
>of the protocol specification in the future that encourages using
>namespaces more broadly (after we get the current one well defined of
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