[JDEV] How to find whether a user is offline from user.xml file

John Draughn jdraughn at kiorisoft.com
Mon Oct 8 13:50:47 CDT 2001

I would think the server maintains some sort of 'state' of online users,
and if the user isn't in the list, then when it receives an
"jabber:iq:time" for that jid, it date/time checks the .xml file.

That's strictly guessing, Temas, Dizzy and Jer would be better folks
where one could direct that question.

-John 'zariok' Draughn

On Mon, 2001-10-08 at 01:50, Sivakumar wrote:
> I want to know whether the user is offline/online from the user.xml file
> that is in the <jabber-root>/spool/<host>/ directory. Which tag i must look
> into to find that. I looked into the user.xml file and found one tag that
> might be useful.
>   <foo xmlns="jabber:x:offline" xdbns="jabber:x:offline" />
>         But the tag don't seem to change whether i am online or not. Is
> there any doc that explains all the tags in the user.xml file.
>     Thanks,
>     Siva.
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