[JDEV] firewall config for ssl

Bruce Duncan brucedduncan at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 23:49:33 CDT 2001

I've setup jabber 1.4.1 on an internal box on
our network and have opened 5223 on our firewall
and dnat'd it to the machine running jabber.
However, i can't seem to connect from outside
through the firewall to jabber's ssl port...the 
jim client just gives its standard error message.
i tried opening 5222 as well as a test and it didn't
help (still trying to connect via ssl). 
does this have something to do with the fact that
the ip of the machine running jabber and the ip
of the firewall are different?  meaning, does
the ssl protocol require that the server machine's
ip match what the client THINKs the server's ip is?

bruce duncan

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