[JDEV] Re: Building jabberd on hp-ux

MacNamara, Chris MacNamaraC at logica.com
Mon Oct 15 09:01:24 CDT 2001

I have the exact same problem. I was hoping that you have found a solution.


>Thanks Doug,

> I tried it and it seems to be hanging
> at pth_yield(NULL) in mio_init in mio.c
> I think this is a pth problem.
> I tried the pth test program test_httpd.
> As you said, it hangs; some problem with pth on hpux.
> Need to find a solution for this.
> If I come across any solution, I'll let you know.

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The problem I ran into on hp-ux was not the jabber server itself, but
rather the posix threads package. It compiles fine, but it just hangs
when called. If you actually try running the test suite for the pth
package, you end up with a process running that chews up all your CPU
until you kill -9 it. Don't know if that's the case if you call it from
jabber, but you might check...

I got busy, so I wasn't able to resolve the pth problem...

==Doug Claar
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