[JDEV] 1.4.2-test Weirdness

Erich Zigler needo at superhero.org
Thu Oct 18 01:17:08 CDT 2001

I've been playing with the Jabber 1.4.2 test server on FreeBSD 4.3. The
server and transports are working great. 0 problems. However when I hit
CTRL-C jabberd displays this message...

20011018T05:50:35: [notice] (-internal): shutting down server

I then never get the console back. The process never fully shuts down. I
have to login and kill -9 the one remaining jabberd proccess to get it to

erich  22598  0.0  0.6  2396 1652  p1  S+   12:40AM   0:00.02

Erich Zigler

Procrastination avoids Boredom; One never has the feeling that there
is nothing important to do!

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