[JDEV] About Irc Transport

Utpal Sikdar utpal at macmetit.com
Thu Oct 18 02:18:27 CDT 2001

In response to my query at jdev at jabber.org that

whether it is possible to connect to any IRC server

through Gabber/WinJab, you replied it is 

not possible since the IRC transport code is broken

and this will be fixed soon.

Our purpose is to port the Gabber client code to Real

Time Linux in a Set Top Box for Web TV and also run the

Jabber server at some place and in this we want to provide

the IRC chat feature for any IRC server. So, we are willing

to contribute to the Jabber code and our project will be 

open source.

Right now we are going through the Irc transport code and want 

it to get modified so that any IRC server can be connected 

through Gabber. In this respect we would like to request you

to tell us few points at which in the code we should concentrate

to bring out the necessary changes.

Looking forward for further communication.


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Calcutta - 700 016
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