[JDEV] Configuring the IRC-transport to find out the IRC Server

Benoit Orihuela borihuela at idealx.com
Thu Oct 18 07:09:14 CDT 2001


> 	I compiled IRC transport and have a jabber server running with it.
> But the problem is that there is no help in the README file or in any other
> place to configure the transport to tell it about the IRC server it has to
> connect to. Anybody who has tried IRC transport please help me. 
oups ! I apologize, I've forgotten to add a note about irc-t
configuration ...

before I had this information in the README, here is what has to be done :
	* in the browse section of jabber.xml, add : 
	  <conference type="irc" jid="irc.yourdomain" 
		      name="IRC Transport">
	* then, add this :
          <service id="irc.yourdomain">
            <conference xmlns="jabber:config:irc">
              <!-- default IRC server -->
	      <join> has joined</join>
	      <leave> has ledft</leave>
	      <rename> is now known as </rename>
              <topic> has changed the topic to </topic>

To use a different IRC server, you can specify it in the address you
send in your enter request : 
     #channel at irc.localhost : join #channel on default server 
     #channel%irc.otherserver.com at irc.localhost : join #channel on
        irc.otherserver.com server



Benoit Orihuela		

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