[JDEV] How to find the presence of a user at server side (was

dlb civintel at home.com
Thu Oct 18 13:29:56 CDT 2001

so the service JID can be used to determine the presence of any user on that
host ?   Can this probe capability be enabled without requiring that the
'servicename' JID automatically receive an update of every presence change
within the host domain ?  I'd be interested in using the probe capability to
query the presence of specific users from a web gateway .


> In 1.4.2 you can configure jsm with a
<presence><bcc>servicename</bcc></presence> (multiple bcc elements, and can
contain any jid) which will blindly carbon-copy the bcc'd address with every
users presence change.  This also validates that address as one that can
presence type="probe" a user of that jsm and get the available presence at
any time.

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