[JDEV] About IRC Transport - with SQL

Benoit Orihuela borihuela at idealx.com
Fri Oct 19 07:31:03 CDT 2001

> I'm not 100% sure now but I think irc-t actually stores some stuff.
> >From what I remember it stores a copy of the ICQ contacts in each user's
> contact list, with some difference (I think that in the 'main' roster you
> have
> 'ICQID'@icq.host and in the icq-t copy, 'ICQID' only)
> Major changes are not needed anyway, look in spool/icq.yourdomain/ and
> create a new set of requests to provide the same data.
are not you making a confusion between irc and icq ?? 
to my knowledge, the only transport that use xdb facilities is yahoo
transport (in the yahootrans:data namespace).



Benoit Orihuela		

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