[JDEV] ICQ transport question

Guy Segal segal at TeleMessage.com
Wed Oct 24 10:33:36 CDT 2001

Hello all,

I have an up and running Jabber server (version 1.4.1) with an ICQ transport
All is well, except that only 80 percent of ICQ messages actually arrive to
their destination.
I've studied the ICQ transport log file, and saw there's a packet number for
outgoing packets: server write 0144.
I've also noticed all these packets either receive an acknowledgement from
the Mirabilis ICQ server: server acked 0144, 
or get discarded after a number of unsuccessful attempts.
I thought the ICQ messages that were allegedly sent but never arrived might
be packets that were discarded, but that is NOT the case!
All packets which never arrived were acknowledged as received by the ICQ

How can I know the actual status of an ICQ message I send? Why is the Jabber
system much less reliable than an actaul ICQ client?

Guy Segal
Software Engineer

Email  : segal at telemessage.com
Phone : (+972) 3 9225252 Ext. 934
Mobile : (+972) 53 411723
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