[JDEV] possible JabberIM bug

Chris Chen ckchris at idream.net
Thu Oct 25 19:05:43 CDT 2001


Is this supposed to be correct?

I'm sending jabber:iq:last message to check when the user was last signed 
on.  By the specs, if the user is online, the user's client will reply with 
the number of seconds the user has been idle.  If the user is not online, 
it will let you know when he/she was last online.  The checking of the user 
when the user is offline is correct and works fine.  however, the Jabber 
for Windows client does not reply correctly when it comes to replying on 
the idle time.

The Jabber Instant Messenger that Jabber releases replies back the idle 
time correctly, but does not use the ID that the requester submit.  For 
instance, if I submitted a message a user using JabberIM:

(something like this)
<iq id="20000" type="get">
<query xmlns="jabber:iq:last"/>

I get back a message that contains a totally different ID:

<iq id="IM_23832blahblah" type="result">

This is screwing up my synchronized messaging capabilities because my 
synchronized message request is looking for a reply with the same ID but it 
never comes.

So is that proper behavior or is it the specs that are being a little bit 


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