[JDEV] XPath Granularity in IQ

Dave Smith DSmith at jabber.com
Mon Oct 29 09:42:04 CST 2001

What exactly are you trying to do? You certainly can't embed a XPath
expression into the xmlns attribute -- unless you intend for that expression
to be the identifying URL for the namespace...


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Subject: [JDEV] XPath Granularity in IQ

Hi, all. I understand simple XPath granularity is capable in XDB's 
"insert" action, and that it should not be too much work to extend this 
granularity into "get" actions.

However, I'm wondering what the best place for this XPath would be in 
the IQ message? as part of the namespace, as in 
xmlns="jabber:iq:version?/os"? or as a separate attribute, such as 
xmlns="jabber:iq:version" path="/os"?

I'm thinking in terms of parsing and retrieval efficiency. Is either way 
"better" for XML parsers and the server itself to handle? My thoughts 
are that the separate attribute would be best, since it already has the 
elements separated, to be applied where-ever.

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