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Alex She<Wizdomtech - Analyst Programmer> alexshe at wizdomtech.com
Tue Oct 30 22:01:05 CST 2001

I do not know if this is right place for this question.
I want to test server to server connection , I run two jabber servers, One 
listen to port 5269 as following :
<service id="s2s">
    <dialback xmlns='jabber:config:dialback'>
      <ip port="5269"/>
the other add a base connect service as following:
 <service id ="base_connect">
	    <secret>aaa</secret> <!-- what about secrect tag -->
but can not connect server, and print error message "[mio]unlink socket from 
client", and listening servere print 
"20011031T02:41:14: [notice] (update.jabber.org): timed out from dnsrv queue
20011031T02:41:14: [notice] (update.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to 
jsm at update.jabber.org/1.4.1 from htgzln117.htgz.com: Hostname
Resolution Timeout"
1. how to make a server to server connection?
2. base_connect module can do this?
3. why listening server report dnsrv timeout ? I can $ping htgzln117.htgz.com 
in shell.
thanks in advance.

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