[JDEV] ldapauth2 module.

Frank Koenen fkoenen at vonworld.com
Wed Oct 31 14:45:08 CST 2001

Hello all. I posted a module at the contrib site that may be helpful to you if
you're looking to authenticate your logins using directories in an LDAP tree.

This module is modified from the work of Zad (emailzadk at mynet.com) of ldapauth.

The difference in this module from ldapauth is that the password stored in the
LDAP tree is not assumed to be stored in plain text, it can be stored as a
hash. This module performs an anonymous search for the DN associated with a
Jabber user, then BINDS on that DN using the clear text password obtained
either from the Client AUTH message or the xdb_file data. If the bind succeeds,
the user is logged into jabber. If it fails, the user does not get logged into

Other changes include adding an attribute config to use in the search for the DN.
And the 'binddn/bindpw' configurations were removed and a true anonymous bind
is performed before the search and user bind.

Thanks to Zad for his great work and in keeping things simple. Hope the changes
I added help too.

The module has a simple purpose, perform authentication on ldap directory,
instead of using the jabber server authentication. Namely, I have a membership
directory for my site which has recorded a number of users of the site, and I
want my current users to use jabber IM. I want the jabber specific data to
still remain on the xdb (spool), and only authentication is performed against
the ldap. 

The complete README is at http://download.jabber.org/contrib/ldapauth.README

Frank Koenen
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Monet Technologies Inc.
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