[JDEV] Connecting to jabber server through http ????????

Tomer Tomer at Gntsteps.com
Sun Sep 2 04:33:37 CDT 2001

Hey My name is tomer  
Jabber client developer (beginner) . 

I understand that jabber server 1.4.1 Know to works through http (case only
http traffic is enabled on port 80)
my question is :
1)where i can find more information about that kind of connection ?
2)what header should I use before send XML streams?
3)Can I connect to the server with http Encapsulation on port 5222 ? (Means
the server know to ignore those http headers)?
4) I Succeud to connect to Jabber.org server by sending:
	PUT / HTTP/1.0 	
	<stream:stream to="jabber.org" xmlns="jabber:client"

	it worked,but no any more ?? way??

  Thanks ahead.

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