[JDEV] More avatar thoughts

David Iodice diodice at dgitech.com
Tue Sep 4 14:47:09 CDT 2001

Not to muddy the waters and start a never-ending message
thread, but.... :-)

Wouldn't the avatar be considered some type of profile
information for a user?  if that's the case, why not
standardize on a name like "profile:avatar"?

And while I'm at it, does anyone see a similarity (in
general terms) to a V-Card?  A person's avatar or business
card seem to me to be profile-type information.  And there
is a lot MORE profile stuff we might want to send.

Just food for thought...


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I move for storage:avatar.  I feel fine tabelling OOB until
we work out
it's details some more.  Standards JIG is getting rolling
and we'll
tackle that one soon enough.  Any other tweaks before we
write this up
and submit it for approval?


On Tue, 2001-09-04 at 13:57, Thomas Charron wrote:
> Quoting Jens Alfke <jens at mac.com>:
> > On Tuesday, September 4, 2001, at 10:46 AM, Thomas
Charron wrote:
> > >   I think it was accidental..  8-P  Either that, or
done intentionally
> > > so the
> > > server would store it without requiring a module.. 8-P
> > The public-XML-storage feature was explicitly
[mis]designed so that only
> > namespaces that don't begin with "jabber:" will get
stored. Which puts
> > one in a quandary about how to define a standard
> > namespace. I suggested "jaber:" with one "b" as the
standard prefix for
> > these, but this might cause confusion.
> > perhaps?
>   Ya, thats a fun one.  I figured that MIGHT be the reason
for doing that, but
> I'm not sure using a namespace with 1 b instead of 2 is a
good solution.  Hack
> solution, for sure, but whos gonna remember that
peculiarity years down the
> road..  I'd almost want to say use something like the
above, or
> simply "storage:avatar" or "data:avatar".
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