[JDEV] Avatar images are per-resource

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Wed Sep 5 16:11:23 CDT 2001

On Wednesday, September 5, 2001, at 12:34 PM, temas wrote:

> Good thoughts, have you tested at all aginast the server?

Not yet. I had to finish up implementing feature #n-1 before I could get 
to this one. But I've started coding now.

> If the avatar is *not* per-resource, all we'll have to do is write it 
> up in the spec that clients *must* check for an existing avatar before 
> uploading a new one... and show that avatar to the user. If it *is* 
> per-resource, we're going to waste a lot of server space. - Unless we 
> up the complexity one notch and have some sort of expiration of 
> avatars, I guess. But my vote is for the simpler method.

How much server space do we really waste? Remember that we have agreed 
on an 8k limit for the pictures (and in my experience the JPEGs will be 
about 2k). It takes a lot of those to eat up any meaningful amount of 

I would be sad if we had to make avatars per-account. That prevents you 
from doing many creative things like
- showing a picture appropriate for the location (i.e. wearing a suit 
for at work, a Hawaiian shirt for at home)
- showing a different picture per state (or just for whatever reason, 
like happy or sad faces)
- periodically updating your picture from a live webcam

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