[JDEV] Two more avatar issues.

Jens Alfke jens at mac.com
Thu Sep 6 18:07:00 CDT 2001

Two more thingies about the avatar proposal, which I have noticed today:

(1) The avatar picture stored in server public XML is, well, public. 
Access cannot be restricted. This may be an issue for some people if 
they want to use a photo of themselves but not let just anyone see it. 
For example, I wouldn't put it above some loser to write an app that 
browses all the accounts on a server, gets their pictures and displays 
them all in window, just so he can send IMs to the cute chicks.

(2) I don't think avatars in conferences will work. You can send the 
hash in your presence, but will it be possible for other people to get 
the picture? The public XML storage definitely won't work for a nick 
presentity, and what happens if someone sends an <iq> query directly to 
a nick? Does it get routed to the real presentity or does the chatroom 
reject it? Note all the "?"s -- the conference protocol is tricky and 
ill-documented and I know it's being changed around as we speak.


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