[JDEV] Two more avatar issues.

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Fri Sep 7 15:31:44 CDT 2001

No, you do get presence from your other resources.

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  On Thursday, September 6, 2001, at 04:31 PM, David Waite wrote:

    On a different note, what is the benefit of being able to define an avatar for different resources? It seems like what a user wants is to see the same picture for the same person everytime.

  Just thought of another, more technical, reason for per-resource avatars.

  If the avatar image is _not_ per-resource, then every connected resource needs to know immediately when another resource changes the image. Otherwise the next time it sent a <presence> element it would send out a stale hash for the old image.

  However, this kind of notification won't happen by default since you don't receive <presence> elements from your own resources (right?). I guess you could make it happen by adding yourself to your own roster, but that seems kind of awkward. And there's still a potential for race conditions if two resources try to simultaneously change the image.

  It's the same fundamental thing I said in the other email: Avatar push is done as part of presence; presence is per-resource; therefore avatars should be per-resource.

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