[JDEV] Anyone want $50?

Scott Cote scote25 at mediaone.net
Sat Sep 8 14:41:54 CDT 2001

Have you looked at sites such as http://www.elance.com/ and others which 
allow you to farm out work in a way similar to what you suggest?


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> hehe, no, this isn't a spam. but a catching subject, huh?  :-)
> i've been thinking of an experiment i'd like my website, Theoretic
> Solutions [http://www.theoretic.com] to start doing. i've been looking
> around for someone i can hire on a feature-by-feature basis to work on
> jer's smtp agent. what i'm hoping to do is experiment with a rough
> concept i've been refining over the past coup-le of weeks.
> if anyone is interested, please contact me, jabber & email:
> adamtheo at theoretic.com
> you'd need to know C pretty well. you shouldn't need to already know the
> smtp agent, since it is quite simple at the moment. i'm first looking to
> add attatchment support, and have some ideas (thanks to jer!) on how
> that could be done. i'm willing to pay us$50 for the addition of this
> feature, and this project is not expected to take more than 6 hours max
> to do (not including taking the time to learn how the smtp agent works).
> i can pay you however you want: certified mail with money order, western
> union, paypal... etc... and i can pay immediately after the work is
> finished.
> also, if this first step in the experiment works well, i plan to
> continue this. at first only feature-by-feature, but if you do well,
> hopefully as the first employee of my small company (it's just been me,
> so far :-).
> so, if youi are interested in spending a small handful of hours and
> making
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