[JDEV] Strange UpperCase/lowercase handling in 'conference' confuses chatbot.

Dave Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Fri Sep 14 10:45:33 CDT 2001

The room names are case insensitive by JID rules (username and server 
portions are case-insensitive). If ten people are in the room and all 
joined with different cases in the name; one calling it room, another 
calling it Room, another ROOM, etc. which one does the room use when 
talking to its participants?

-David Waite

Benoit Orihuela wrote:

>>This could at least be considered correct behavior. What would you 
>>define correct behavior to be?
>I'd just like the conference module to leave the name of the room like
>I typed it :)
>what is the interest of forcing the room names to be lowercased ?

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