[JDEV] Re: notice: bouncing a routed packet to

Jay Curry rusty at curry.net
Fri Sep 14 23:11:40 CDT 2001

Do you call the jabberd program with a '-h hostname' parameter? If so, make sure that 
the appropriate hostname is defined in your host files, (or dns server if you are running or 
using one.) and that they point to the computer the server is running on. 

I have not noted a solid recomendation for this, however in general I think it is 
recomended that the jabberd host be identified as jabberd.'remainder.com' where 
'remainder.com' is the path to your network. So for example if you are using a 
dyndns.org account such as 'AdhamhFindlay.dyndns.org', the recomendation is to have 
jabberd running with a hostname of 'jabberd.AdhamhFindlay.dyndns.org'. This makes it 
easier to set up transports as well as they would then be named as 
'irc.AdhamhFindlay.dyndns.org', 'conference.AdhamhFindlay.dyndns.org', 
'aim.AdhamhFindlay.dyndns.org', and 'yahoo.AdhamhFindlay.dyndns.org'. There is nothing 
preventing you from having any or all of these services running on the same system. 

If you installed jabber via an rpm, and it built a startup entry for you, you may also wish 
to edit that file and make sure that it did not write '-h hostname' or some such in the line 
loading jabberd.

I spent a couple of weeks periodically trying different things to no avail until I tried 
starting jabberd by typing './jabberd/jabberd -D' while in the appropriate folder, realized 
that the behaviour was different and looked again at the lines in my initialization file. 

If this is not your situation, forgive me.

My currently 'working' solution has the host definition only in the jabber.xml file. I do not 
specify a '-h' parameter when initializing jabberd.

Good luck.


Adhamh Findlay <afindlay at austin.rr.com> wrote:
>I trying to run Jabber 1.4.1 on an internal server.   It is currently on 
>Redhat 7.1.
>When every I try to create a new account on this server using JabberIM 
>the following notice appears in the jabber log, and the account creation 
>bouncing a routed packet to <hostname> from 9 at c2s/80E3A78: Unable to 
>deliver, destination unknown
>Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution?
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