[JDEV] Re: [jadmin] NDS LDAP - unable to compile

Robert Norris rob at nauseum.org
Sun Sep 16 19:34:31 CDT 2001

> I am administering a jabber server on RedHatLinux 7.0 on. I have users
> whose userid and passwd lies in a Netscape Directory Service (LDAP).
> The mod_auth_ldap module seems to work with OpenLdap but I am unable
> to compile the mod_auth_ldap using NDS libraries. NDS provides shared
> library files in .so format. However, when compiling, I get an error
> saying that the file format is invalid.

I assume this is my mod_auth_ldap module? If that's the case, you can
compile it with OpenLDAP libraries and then have it talk to a Netscape
Directory Server. This is, in fact, exactly what I use here.

However, if you really want to compile against the Netscape SDK, I have
made it work using the 4.1 SDK. You'll need to apply the following patch:

---------- 8< ----------
--- mod_auth_ldap.c.orig        Mon Sep 17 10:28:31 2001
+++ mod_auth_ldap.c     Mon Sep 17 10:31:03 2001
@@ -73,11 +73,7 @@
 /* utility function to get ld_errno */
 static int get_lderrno(LDAP *ld) {
-       int ld_errno;
-       ldap_get_option(ld, LDAP_OPT_ERROR_NUMBER, &ld_errno);
-       return ld_errno;
+       return ldap_get_lderrno(ld, NULL, NULL);
/* the main authentication function */
---------- 8< ----------

The reason I didn't include this as an option in the release for
mod_auth_ldap is that the Netscape SDK seems to have some problems
running inside PTH, and I didn't want to cause more problems than I had


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