[JDEV] Client and server on same machine , problem ?

V.Vasant vasant at runbox.com
Tue Sep 18 09:12:38 CDT 2001

Does running the client and server on the same machine cause any problem. When I tried connecting to the server, I got a "server disconnected" message. On having a look at the server debug log, I found the following 

20010918T01:39:01: [notice] ( bouncing a routed packet to from 11 at c2s/80EB9C0: Internal Delivery Error

By examining the source, I found that this is logged by jabberd/deliver.c in the function deliver_instance, when the call to the handler fails. What could be the reason. By the by, I've just begun going through the source. What does deliver.c actually do ?



IIIT Hyderabad

vasant at gdit.iiit.net

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