[JDEV] Re: Client and server on same machine , problem ?

Jay Curry rusty at curry.net
Tue Sep 18 21:42:56 CDT 2001

"V.Vasant"<vasant at runbox.com> wrote:
>Does running the client and server on the same machine cause any problem. When I
> tried connecting to the server, I got a "server disconnected" message. On having a
> look at the server debug log, I found the following 

Not usualy.

>20010918T01:39:01: [notice] ( bouncing a routed packet to
vasant from 11 at c2s/80EB9C0: Internal Delivery Error
>By examining the source, I found that this is logged by jabberd/deliver.c in the function
> deliver_instance, when the call to the handler fails. What could be the reason. By the
> by, I've just begun going through the source. What does deliver.c actually do ?

>From what I have seen so far, this looks like you set up the user-id as something like 
''. Which I think is incorrect in two forms, one is that there is no "id" 
in that user-id, what looks like an id is the field specified for resource. The other is that 
you have specified an IP address as opposed to a host name.

If you have set up your "hostname" portion of the jabber.xml file as, this 
part should be ok. However it is unlikely that you want jabber to be specifically 
associated to this IP address. For testing purposes you can try using 'localhost' as the 
appropriate interface, or if you want to use a specific ethernet interface, something 
more like jabber.vasant.com with it also defined either in your /etc/host or via dns would 
work as well. Setting this up to connect with an outside resource is outside of what I can 
describe here as well. (The Quick rundown is that you need your internet gateway to 
portforward 5222 to your server, and have whatever hostname you have decided to 
give jabber point to the outside interface of your firewall.)

The correct form for a userid is {name}@{host}/{resource} where {name} is replaced 
with a name that you either select, or that you are assigned. {host} is replaced with your 
server's host name. {resource} is selected by you, either via pre-designed resources 
provided by the client, or by entering your own.

For example, I prefer the name rusty, use a server named jabber.beresourceful.net and 
work from a variety of systems including my laptop running Win98. When I log into my 
server I use the string 'rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net/laptop'. If I am using my 
workstation running BeOS, I use the string 'rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net/beos' When I 
tell other people that I can be reached via jabber, they really only need to know that I 
am available as 'rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net'

Now all we need to do is get IAANA to allocate 5222 to jabber, and you could in theory 
type 'jabber:rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net' into a jabber aware application, and it 
would treat it the same way 'mailto:rusty at beresourceful.net' would be treated. I.e. the 
application kicks off a jabber client of some sort and away you go.

Good luck.


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