[JDEV] Sever deleted a user

temas temas at box5.net
Tue Sep 18 23:43:53 CDT 2001

On Tue, 2001-09-18 at 18:57, Adam Theo wrote:
> hi, all.
> today my server, theoretic.com, a 1.4.1 standard server running on SunOS
> 5.7, deleted a user without me telling it to or anything. the uiser
> reported that after coming back from lunch or something like that, he
> found he could not log into his account, getting unauthorized login
> errors. he then tried re-creating his account, using the same login
> name, and it was created. but he now had a blank roster. he started
> adding users, and then all of a sudden icq contacts he had had in his
> old list started popping into his new one, without him adding them. but
> there was no other info than the ICQ numbers of the users. no names,
> nothing. here is something from the error.log i found that i think is
> the source of the problem:
> 20010918T22:32:30: [warn] (theoretic.com): xdb_file failed to open file
> ./spool/theoretic.com/******.xml: Too many open files
> there are a few of these, each for a user that seems to have been
> deleted. there also a few of these:
> 20010918T22:35:38: [notice] (MIO_XML_READ): socket from
> is out of karma
> 20010918T22:35:57: [notice] (MIO_XML_READ): socket from
> is out of karma
> does it seem that the server deleted these user's .xml files because it
> had too many other files open in memory?
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What does ulimit -n report?


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