Thanks DJ! - RE: [JDEV] Some help for a Newbie?

DJ Adams dj.adams at
Wed Sep 19 01:38:24 CDT 2001

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 01:51:46PM -0500, Shane Breland wrote:
> DJ,
> I searched through the debug code and you are right there are no mod_xml
> lines anywhere.  I'm not sure why not.  I downloaded Jabber Server 1.4.1 and


> Tue Sep 18 13:27:22 2001 base_load.c:105 base_load_config processing
> configurat
> ion <load main='jsm'>
> <jsm>./jsm/</jsm>
> <mod_echo>./jsm/</mod_echo>
> <mod_roster>./jsm/</mod_roster>
> <mod_time>./jsm/</mod_time>
> <mod_vcard>./jsm/</mod_vcard>
> <mod_announce>./jsm/</mod_announce>
> <mod_agents>./jsm/</mod_agents>
> <mod_admin>./jsm/</mod_admin>
> <mod_filter>./jsm/</mod_filter>
> <mod_presence>./jsm/</mod_presence>
> <mod_auth_digest>./jsm/</mod_auth_digest>
> <mod_auth_0k>./jsm/</mod_auth_0k>
> <mod_register>./jsm/</mod_register>
> <mod_log>./jsm/</mod_log>

Hi again

Ok, there are a few mod_'s missing from this list. The
complete list of JSM modules in the 1.4 server (cut'n'paste
from an old jabber.xml lying around) looks like this:


and the culprit here is the missing mod_xml module.

I'd suggest that if you can, you add the 


line in and see what happens. This should enable the JSM
to service the IQ-get in the iq:private namespace.

Good luck!


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