[JDEV] "Anonymous" GroupChat

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Fri Sep 21 00:28:32 CDT 2001

Actually, I have a current need for a version of 'Conference' which forces
participants to use their real JID as the nickname in the conference, rather
then letting them make up a new conference-specific nickname. Any ideas?

> Is there an anonymous way for people to participate in GroupChat on a Jabber
> Server?

Not really. There are IRC clients like this.  The current 'Conference'
protocol does not work from the Java applet Jabber client, and all Jabber
client connections have to have an account --- you could pre-generate a
set of guest01-guest99 accounts, but you'd still need a flash/java/etc
client that would work with the conference protocol.

> Specifically, I thought it would be nice to have a sample web page we could
> provide to Jabber Users that they could put on their own personal website
> that would allow visitors to enter a GroupChat/Conference (with all other
> visitors) and be able to chat with the owner of the website.

I've often thought the same thing -- good way to promote Jabber to ISPs
and web site hosting systems.

Kevin Kadow

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