[JDEV] URL form of JID?

Bernd Eckenfels lists at lina.inka.de
Fri Sep 21 20:23:44 CDT 2001

On Fri, Sep 21, 2001 at 05:08:14PM -0400, Julian Missig wrote:
> Whenever I represent a JID as a URI, I use jabber:user at host/resource - 
> this was sort of agreed upon as a standard (originally you had to have 
> jabberids like that, but they decided jabber: is not needed when within 
> the protocol)

I guess Users want to do multiple things:

- add a "send me message" button
- add a "chat with me" button
- add a "add me to your roster" button

on a web page. All those actions should be allowed by the jabber-url. One
might think about having our own mime-type, cause it is more flexible.

We can have a application/x-jabber-control .XJC thing, which is required to
be a special XML Document, allowing or the above things and other things
like controling groupchat/conference and agents.


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