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Sun Sep 23 19:53:57 CDT 2001

Julian (x-virge) and I were discussing client design yesterday and I
think you are a prime example of our discussion.  There is a problem
with Jabber, in general it's not everyones first IM client.  Users have
generally been on another large network (AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!) before
they come to Jabber.  Despite their not liking the system (that's why
they came to Jabber isn't it? ;-]) they tend to like their client,
usually because they are comfortable with it.  If i had to guess, by
reading your doc (which I did), you come from ICQ.  Now I say this with
absolutely no direction to you, but I find ICQ's UI absolutely
atrocious, even AIM's is pretty wicked, so is Yahoo!, MSN is partially
acceptable, but has many disparities.  I say all that from a purely UI
centric view.  The idea of a doc to help get people rolling beyond the
protocol is a great idea and there are many odd things about Jabber that
merit UI discussion (iq:browse, it could easily have a browser view like
winjab, but could also be a simple tree view like the explorer sidebar),
but I would encourage you to weigh in many options, not a single view.
Open it up, and don't suggest that only one thing is correct, because
you never will please everyone, especially in the IM world.


On Sat, 2001-09-22 at 20:30, Michael Brown wrote:
> In an effort to generate some debate, and give people some ideas when
> designing Jabber clients, I have put together a brief tutorial document
> which is up on my site.
> http://aurora.gen.nz/jabber_design/
> Can I ask some people who are more familiar with the Jabber protocol to take
> 5 minutes and read though it to make sure I am not advocating anything that
> is impossible with the current Jabber spec, or if there is anything too
> obvious that I haven't included.
> Also, it's something of a first draft, so if anyone has good ideas to add,
> or things that they think should really be changed, please let me know.
> Feedback to the jdev list or direct email is fine.
> The document is intended as an illustrated guide to GUI design, and doesn't
> contain any programming specific details.
> Can someone also tell me how I can get a link added to the docs section on
> jabber.org?
> Thanks,
> Michael.
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