[JDEV] Jabber Client Design Tutorial

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Mon Sep 24 04:05:24 CDT 2001

>  I, of course, agree with temas here. I have quite a few
> comments  already, but I'll look at your guide a bit
> more thoroughly tomorrow and make a reply.

Thanks, that would be great.

> One major thing that struck me was that you said
> server hard disk space won't be wasted by history.

Did I?  Depends on what you mean by "wasted" I guess.  Data is going to take
some space obviously.

I will go back and review that section actually.  I cut and pasted it from
an old note and maybe it could be better worded.  It's not really a UI
issue, I just wanted somewhere to put my rant.

My main point, is that the history should not be saved locally.

> My logs from the past two years total 50 megs.

Really?  My ICQ history database for the last 4 years is only 20MB (more
once it's indexed).
Have you tried zipping it?

> 50 megs... 100 000 users on a server. Even 10 000 users on
> a server. Would you care to pay for that much disk space?

Nope, but I'd be happy to pay for 50MB for my own account.

I think you miss my point(s) somewhat...

- It doesn't actually have to be on the same physical machine, just
somewhere that all clients can access it.
- It doesn't have to be enabled on every server, or it can be an optional
(chargeable) feature.
- Admins can fix a limit to archive sizes - most people won't want to refer
to a chat session 4 years old.
- Not all people will want to save message history.
- Disk space gets cheaper every year.
- The advantages outweigh the storage issues.

> And remember, these messages are all plain text.
> Just wait until we have rich text formatted messages.

Good point...I was thinking that ICQ was rich text, but looking at it now,
it just seems to save the font and colours.  I guess there are a few
options - wear the extra resources, or convert to plain text maybe.  I
wouldn't get hung up on the space issue...  A good design is more important
at this stage.


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