[JDEV] Jabber Client Design Tutorial

Ragavan S jabber_dev at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 24 15:36:01 CDT 2001


>Don't worry, I'm not going to flame - I agree with what you're
>saying, but it's important to say why they (I suppose I should
>use the word 'we') build clients that appear ugly to a lot of
>people - I for one *hate* having to point and click and follow
>cascading menus and have my screen cluttered by silly icons.
>I much prefer to control an app with my main input device - my
>keyboard - by a combination of keystrokes or whatever.

How is this different from 'hotkeys'(like Alt <- for back on a browser, or 
Ctl-c to cut) that most(?) applications come with?

>I'm not saying this to be obtuse - it's the truth (and why I use
>mutt exclusively and still use sjabber on many conferences) and
>any UI design that excludes this point of view runs the risk of
>missing something fundamental.
>The group of people who feel most at home with a Unix command line
>and all the tools that such an environment comes with (including
>the ones with these 'ugly' UIs) may be a minority, but it's a damn
>huge minority.

However, what you raise here, is the bigger point of flexibility. Allowing 
2/3/.. different ways to do the same thing may seem to be a bit of an 
overkill to most app developers and GUI designers, but it could well be the 
criteria some end users use to say Yay or Nay to their client. Also, most 
users, given the option of say, either pointing and clicking or using 
hotkeys, will soon start using the one they prefer and are used to. But, 
this doesn't mean the client shdn't give them the choice to do that.


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