[JDEV] Non english messages solution?

Alex She<Wizdomtech - Analyst Programmer> alexshe at wizdomtech.com
Tue Sep 25 01:37:34 CDT 2001

> >Mr Gang Liu <gang_l at 21cn.com>:
> >why You use java as sever side ? I can not understand you. tell me if
> you can.
> 	I use java to write my own xdb module. The jabberd is from
> jabber.org.
  I work hard to write xdb to oracle , I use xdb_sql and prco c language, and a 
long way to go for me. I need detail about java xdb module.
>     I do not change anything in jabberd. I think that u do not
> understand my question.
> U can try it yourself.Send a GBK encoding message to BIG5 client.
  my im client can do this successfully. following is some clues.
  1. jabber im not supprot point to point. A send a msg to b , is a send a msg 
to server, and server send it to b if he online, or store and forward.
  2. any client send stream in UTF8, which has a direct bit map to unicode , so 
some one call UTF8 as unicode, exactly it is wrong, lookup UTF8 in search 
engine for more details.
  3. for big5 
 4. for gbk
 5. gb2312 is a subset of  GBK after some handle, and you use GBK not gb2312.
All in one: if you convert incoming UTF8 stream to native charset, everything 
is done,
BTW , what parser you use in client end? expat? if not , you may look at your 
client parser.
goood luuck.

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