[JDEV] Non english messages solution?

Alex She<Wizdomtech - Analyst Programmer> alexshe at wizdomtech.com
Tue Sep 25 20:30:34 CDT 2001

>    Which im client? I am using winjabber.One OS is w2k(GBK), the other
> is win98(big5).
> I sent message to another, got many "?".
I wrote a im client for Pockect pc , use embeded vc 3.00 by myself.
I experienced such things, so many "?"[0x3f],just for wrong convert libary,
if you need more help, I need more detail,
>  UTF8 byte stream --> unicode --> native byte stream
>  UTF8 byte stream --> native byte stream 
>  which is right above?
All is right, first is easy and direct, second,, em, I don't howto if not 
throught unicode ,
>  I have test the first using java.The unicode I got is right.But native
> byte stream is wrong.
>  byte[] utf8;
>  String unicodeString = new String(utf8, "utf8");
get UTF8 string if right;
>  byte[] gbk = unicodeString.getBytes("BGK");

I don't think this is ok, but not sure , you can test it by print the string 
hex code, never use getBytes, getChars instead.
Just try byte[] native = instreamStr.getBytes();// to native

> >BTW , what parser you use in client end? expat? if not , you may look
> at your 
> >client parser.
> 	winjabber uses jabberCOM.
jabberCom is use expat parser, which use UTF8, so everything is easy ,
you used vc for client , all you need to do is:
 UTF8 byte stream --> unicode --> native byte stream.
have you used A2W or W2A ATL function? these product "?".

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