[JDEV] Distributed Authentication - thoughts people?

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Sep 27 19:49:22 CDT 2001

Michael Hearn wrote:

> Firstly, any known problems with using Mozilla to send mail to this  
> list. Whenever I use MozMail to send mail, it takes for ever to get 
> through. With outlook express, it gets through straight away :(

i'm using mozilla on linux, mail is getting through fine... mozilla 9.4, 
although it's crashing on me alot...

> Anyway, there seems to be some interest in this topic. Therefore I think 
> I will send a JEP to the foundation asking for the creation of a JIG. A 
> few comments:

first, let's look into proper terminology first. i've been watching a 
few other mailing lists and newsletters, and there seems to be a common 
misconception between 'authentication' and 'authorization'... alot of 
open source people are saying MS is improperly using the term 
'authentication' or improperly labelling their system, or something like 
that... i'm going to investigate this more...

last, should we do this as out own JIG, or as poart of the security-jig?

i'm thinking maybe as the security-jig, but would change my mind if it 
could be shown this is outside their scope, or we would not be efficient 
as a broader JIG.

great work, mike!

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