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The jabber term is JID (jabber ID).  On my current cards it says jabber
ID:  Jabber is probably the only system I would ever put on a card too.
The others, as you pointed out, have a bad wrap for chat.


On Thu, 2001-09-27 at 19:52, Darren McVean wrote:
> Quick question:
> What do you put on business cards. PH is phone, Fax is Facsimile, email is
> email, what's real time communication.
> I know the obvious is IM, but not to start a war here, Instant Messaging has
> been done a disservice by reporters constantly saying IM is for teenagers. I
> know they're starting to change, but do we make a clean break?
> What do you guys use? IM,MSG,etc.
> Thanks.
> Cheers,
> Darren
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> > Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> > 
> >> Perhaps as a first step we can find some agreement about terminology
> >> ("roster" vs. "contact list" vs. "buddy list", "transport" vs. "gateway",
> >> etc.)
> >>
> >> Peter
> i really like this idea, yes. i've been bugged by everyone referring to 
> rosters as 'buddy lists'. damn aol, damn their popularity!  :-) we need 
> to make this terminology 'rock solid' and emphasize it's use. i strongly 
> suggest we do this as the re-vamping Glossary that was recently 
> announced and i contributed to (sorry, can't recall names).
> anothet thing i think we should do on the UI issue:
> i'm getting ready to release a thread about what i'm calling 'Jabber 
> Environments'. JE's will be to 'collect' and 'standardize' certain 
> things about jabber. you'll say we already have this with the standards-jig.
> i want to propose a new concept to the jabber community: in jabber, 
> there should not be only one way to do everything. now most things 
> should have only one way, but a few there should be a handful. the point 
> of standards-jig and the foundation will be to develop and create all of 
> these options, but the point of JE's will be to 'package' them.
> as jabber expands and grows outside of it's IM origins, it will start to 
> get alot more confusing to developers and end users. "what is jabber, 
> where does it end?" they will ask. we need to have answers. JE's will be 
> sub-sets of jabber, designed to clearly define a certain aspect. one JE 
> could cover just the IM aspect, whereas another could cover RPC and 
> remote computing aspects. still others could cover e-commerce 
> transactions (IMissary?) and human conversations (Crown?). the point of 
> JE's isn't to *create* these many features they cover, but to *package* 
> them into easy to understand terms... that way people can talk about 
> 'Crown' and know exactly what it covers, instead of having to say 
> "Jabber without RPC and  e-commerce transaction stuff".
> example: i'm working on making my Crown project into a JE.
> Crown: A set of standards and specifications defining human conversation 
> services over the Jabber platform.
> it will cover not only IM, but also email-like functionality, mailing 
> lists, appointment scheduling, collaboration, telephone-like 
> functionality, voicemail, etc...
> these JE's could also define common features that clients and servers 
> should have. this creates the ease-of-use, but keeps the overall 
> flexability of Jabber.
> thoughts?
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