[JDEV] XPath in XDB

Dave Waite mass at akuma.org
Fri Sep 28 11:20:17 CDT 2001

You can specify you want to insert/modify a record rather than 
completely replace it. There is no 'get' support; you always get a full 
record. You can also only match first-level children, i.e. you can match 
roster items, but not a roster group. Anything which matches is deleted, 
and the data passed along is appended as a child to the root node. 
Finally, the syntax is a very small subset of XPath, and differs a bit - 
there is no leading '/' (I'm not quite sure what the behavior is if 
there is one) so you always start from children of the root node.

Other than this, XDB is completely document-centric (as opposed to being 

- David Waite

Adam Theo wrote:

> i was told by jer that the current XDB in the 1.4 server has limited 
> XPath support. i was wondering what kind of xpath support it is, and 
> if it is only for get types, or also set as well.
> is XPath also available in the java and jabcast servers?
> thank you  :)
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