[JDEV] Requesting a roster

Jean-Louis Seguineau /EXC/TEC jean-louis.seguineau at antepo.com
Thu Aug 1 13:31:20 CDT 2002


The original Jabberbean 0.9 communication handling is to say a little shaky
In fact if anything happen in the communication layer, it does not funnel
back the exception to the upper layer beans, and in addition the sender or
the reader java thread doesn't go away. This is why you are still in the
"connected" mode because the deconnection event has not propagated.

We faced that issue and we have modified these classes to provide a proper
multithread behaviour. The JabberBeans source package that I sent you
contains those modified classes and can just be used as a drop down

As to why the these thread get disconnected, the original 0.9 still hold a
few XML bugs that would cause the parser to throw an exception (you know the
kind of mistake that happen when you copy a method into another class and
you change the opening tag but not the closing tag :) Again, I would suggest
you use the provided source to rebuild the library, as we went over all
those packet to check them.


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> I am definitely authenticated and when I print out the packet that has
> failed, I also print out the connectionstatus... it says it is connected.
> Over the past few days I have found that there are some bits of code
> if they are included, cause a failed packet to occur, even if they are not
> actually reached during execution.... I have identified these lines of
> by commenting out a whole series and systematically testing the program by
> uncommenting one line at a time.... this is how I have narrowed down the
> fault to the rosterRefresh()... I thought I would retry it by creating an
> individually tailored IQ packet but it seems to be the packet content, not
> the way of creating it that is causing the problem here.
> I also find that after one packet has failed, no more will go through.
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> Hi Emma!
> Emma Willis wrote:
> >I am definitely authenticated and when I print out the packet that has
> >failed, I also print out the connectionstatus... it says it is connected.
> >
> >
> As I wrote you some days ago ... don't trust the connection status of
> JabberBeans. Check with a networing tool or in the logfile ot the jabber
> server if you are really connected.
> E.g. you loose the connection if a NullPointerException is thrown in a
> method that handles incoming packets. (E.g. because you expect an
> attribute that isn't in the packet. It's a good idea to catch all
> exceptions that you generate in your packet handling functions in the
> method that is invoked for an incoming packet.
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