[JDEV] Minor notes about JabberTest

Dustin Puryear dpuryear at usa.net
Thu Aug 1 00:19:27 CDT 2002

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that I uploaded a source tgz 
of JabberTest to www.sf.net/projects/jabbertest. I have received a very 
large number of requests recently for a source package since most people 
seem to prefer to avoid CVS. In addition, I made some very minor 
modifications to the documentation, including adding an INSTALL document.

On a related note, I will be performing a number of updates to the test 
suite in the coming months. If you have any wishes you would like to see 
addressed, then don't hesitate in letting me know.

So what is JabberTest?

JabberTest is a GPL'd testing harness for Jabber to test performance and 
delivery. The software includes several tools to perform various tests, 
including timing of account creation, message delivery, and concurrent 
session limits. Any combination of tests can be performed at the same time 
to test different characteristics of the Jabber.org or Jabber.com servers 
and the hardware infrastructure.

If anyone has any questions then let me know. I can be reached at 
dustin at puryear-it.com. FYI, I am not subscribed to jdev or jadmin due to 
high list traffic.

Regards, Dustin

Dustin Puryear <dustin at puryear-it.com>
Puryear Information Technology
Windows, UNIX, and IT Consulting

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