[JDEV] Use Jabbar to Broadcast only

nick nick at jabberstudio.org
Thu Aug 1 23:57:41 CDT 2002

ummm...thats wonderful and all, but its jabbEr, and im sure you could 
hire any number of open source developers to create the solution you are 
looking for (myself included)

Michael A. Locurcio wrote:

>I work in a call center, and we need to be able to broadcast to our
>agents. It needs to be low cost and efficent, that's why I want to use
>Jabbar. My only problem is I don't know enough about it. I got the
>server working, but here are my company's requirements. 
>1. Allow Supervisors (some group of people) to send Broadcast messages
>to a single agent, group of agents, or every agent. 
>2. Allow Agents to communicate only with Supervisor, not with any other
>Can permissions like these be enabled? Can user profiles be put into a
>database such as Access?
>'I really, really like being the president.' 
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