[JDEV] RE: Error in XML Parsing through HTTP Proxy

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Aug 2 03:58:22 CDT 2002

Hi Vincent!

Vincent Ong wrote:

>Thanks for the quick response. =) I have tried using your
>JabberPollingServlet. However, it seems like your servlet is not working on
>the server that you have hosted.
As I had written you in private mail this is true. I have problems with 
the Tomcat server that hosts this servlet at my Jabber server. But the 
servlet is working, you can install it in your own Java servlet container.

>I have tried connecting directly to the jabber server using my own proxy,
>jabber server (all on my local machine) and it doesn't return this error.
>Jabber server seems to be able to recognize it, with some problem somehow.
>It get disconnected  half way somehow. I've used telnet to test this out and
>it works perfectly. Do I really need something like the
>JabberPollingServlet? Then how come it works in telnet? I'm lost....
There are two ways to pass a proxy: Polling (then you need the 
JabberPollingServlet or an other implementation if JEP-0025) and to use 
a persistend request (this is supported by the jabberd without 
additional software).

The request you sent in your earlier mail was a polling request, this 
will not work with the plain jabberd even not with telnet. Maybe you did 
a persistend proxy request with your telnet client but this request 
doesn't start with the "0," in the request but just with the "<?xml 
version='1.0'?>" tag.

The major difference between the two methods is that polling uses 
multible HTTP connections and with the other method you need a 
presistend connection through your proxy server (that often does not 
allow this).

Tot kijk

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