[JDEV] MSN groupchat: does it work somewhere?

Mattias Campe mattias.campe.no.spam.plzzzz.thk.you at rug.ac.be
Sun Aug 4 17:58:07 CDT 2002


I introduced Jabber to some of my friends and they like the MSN 
transport except for the fact that MSN groupchat doesn't seem to work. 
Would this be a client issue or a transport issue?

If it is a client issue, could sb. plz tell me which client(s) are 
supporting it already (windows/linux)?

If it is a MSN transport issue, could sb. plz tell me if some server is 
already supporting it? And if no server is supporting it, would sb. know 
if anyone is working on it?

thx by advance

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