[JDEV] Using the <exec/> tag with Perl scripts ?

Benoit Decaudin benoit.decaudin at terravirtual.net
Mon Aug 5 12:19:14 CDT 2002

I'm just wondering what is the right way to execute a Perl scripts with the
<exec/> tag of the jabber.xml file.

I have a little Perl script that connects to the server (v1.4.2) with the
Net::Jabber::Component object in "exec" mode, but the server always returns
the same error when trying to launch the script :

    base_exec.c:266 base_exec_process_io Read error on process!

I've tried many thing with the <exec/> tag, none of them work.

The scripts works perfectly when connected to the server as an IP service.

Thanks for any help !


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