[JDEV] character encoding in jabber protocol

Andreas Ames andreas.ames at Tenovis.com
Tue Aug 6 04:01:32 CDT 2002

Hi Matthias,

thanks for your help.

Matthias Wimmer <m at tthias.net> writes:

> Why not just trying?

That's an option.  But when dealing with protocols I prefer to have an
authoritive statement from the protocol authoritives to be on the safe
side ;-).

> But what you get back from the server is always UTF-8 ...

That effectively means that only utf-8 is supported and esp. that
clients only need to support utf-8.  That would be good news.  BTW
when looking at the server code I really doubt that anything else than
utf-8 will really work.

Thanks again,


PS.:  I'm really looking forward to when your poll servlet will work
again because that's the only chance for poor me to connect to jabber
from work :-).  Thanks for this work (and bandwidth).

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