[JDEV] Funky crash today

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Tue Aug 6 22:09:12 CDT 2002

My guess:

The problems are in the clients.  Jarl probably sent an unescaped '>' 
character (which doesn't sound all that bad but it is probably against the 
XML spec), and all of the server components passed the data along as-is.

Another possibility is that Jarl sent correct XML, but one of the server 
components passed it along incorrectly (ie, parsed it ok, but then converted 
it back to text wrong).  Ask Adam to use a logger of sorts, to determine if 
it really was Jarl that sent the char unescaped.

Next, there is no excuse for a client to ever crash when receiving bogus data.  
This is likely the fault of Gabber's XML parser (which you claim is expat).  
A bug report to this client is in order.


On Tuesday 06 August 2002 18:55, Robert Norris wrote:
> > Can CDATA elements be nested in that way as still comply ?
> We weren't trying to nest CDATA elements, but were simply discussing
> their use.
> > My guess is that it originated with Jarl, I don't think that the
> > intermediating servers would affect the body element.
> You're probably right. It was possibly mis-encoded by Jarl before it was
> sent. It does surprise me somewhat that it didn't affect anything on the
> way, though - I would've thought that some XML parsers would break on
> the un-encoded > character.
> And in that case, since all the code in between is using Expat in some
> way, it surprises me the Gabber crashed.
> *shrug*
> Rob.
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