[JDEV] Re: Java Jabberbeans and SSL certificates

daltonc at stanford.edu daltonc at stanford.edu
Wed Aug 7 14:04:25 CDT 2002


    If you look in the Java API you will see that the
SSLHandShakeException is thrown by the secureSocket. The java 1.4 API
says "Indicates that the client and server could not negotiate the
desired level of security. The connection is no longer usable." If you
read the ConnectionBeanSSL source code you will see that it uses an ssl
socket in the normal way. 
    Therefore I would say that this is the servers problem, I have not
used this feature of Jabberbeans much, but based on the exception it is
on the server side. Please try connecting to a server with SSL that you
know works properly, such as jabber.org etc.


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