[JDEV] Unable to resolve host name. error [502]

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Thu Aug 8 02:45:08 CDT 2002

Hi Zulfiqar!

Zulfiqar Baig wrote:

> I am new to jabber development. I installed jabberd1.4.2 server on a 
> linux machine on my network. I installed msn-transport in my jabber 
> directory and configured jabber.xml to work for msn gateway. Now when 
> i login from some other machine it is showing msn as available 
> gateway, but when i click it it gives "Unable to resolve host name".
> It will be great help if someone can help me out of this.

You have to add the MSN transport at two different possitions in the 
jabber.xml configuration. Once within the <browse/> element of the 
session manager and once as a <service/>.

You see the transport because it is in your <browse/> section, but you 
can't contact it because the <browse/> section is pointing to a wrong 
domain or because your <service/> section is wrong or missing. 
Especially check the <host/> element and the id-attribute within your 
<service/> section.

Tot kijk

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