[JDEV] Re: Java JabberBeans and SSL certificates

Jason Anderson jason at guanosoft.org
Thu Aug 8 11:30:44 CDT 2002


Thanks for the message with Connection.java.  That helped me check it.

I believe your problem might be related to different Java versions used 
to compile and run.  What browser are you running?  Do you know what 
version your Java plugin is?

In JSDK 1.3, you must package the JSSE classes along with the applet, 
because they aren't included in 1.3.


adrian wrote:
> jason
> I have the same problem with the SSL connections.
> I use jabberapplet and i have implemented the SSL connections.
> with your example the ssl connection is established but... it get stucked
> when i tried to assigned the socket.getInputStream() to an input stream
> variable...
> here is the code:
>  private InputStream      moInputStream  = null;
>  private OutputStream     moOutputStream  = null;
>   try {
>    moInputStream = moSocket.getInputStream();
>    moOutputStream = moSocket.getOutputStream();
> }
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