[JDEV] Question on DSPS "stream peer listing"

YAMASHITA, Kei Kei.Yamashita at jp.sony.com
Fri Aug 9 04:07:06 CDT 2002


Thank you very much for your advice.
OK, it seems I have to wait for some conlusion on file transfer protocol,
at leaset for more than a month...

Would someone tell me if there's any other mailing list or else where
discuss this issue more frequently than here?


On Fri, 9 Aug 2002 01:40:38 -0600 (MDT)
Ben Schumacher <ben at blahr.com> wrote:

> Kei-
> I induce from this question that you are planning, or currently working
> on, a piece of software that will use DSPS. Since it is, currently, not a
> finialized (or even draft) JEP, implementation may be premature. In fact,
> there is still a lot of controversy surrounding JEP-0037, because many
> users (myself included) find it to be an overly complicated solution for
> the problem its trying to address. It seems (or, at least its my
> understanding) that some of the authors of the JEP have diverent views on
> what problem DSPS is trying to solve, and what the best approach is.
> I would suggest holding off on any implementation until the Council has
> made some decision on this JEP, which probably won't happen until the new
> Council takes office sometime in the next few weeks.
> Cheers,
> bs.
> On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, YAMASHITA, Kei wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I have a question on "stream peer listing" of DSPS.
> > I think that a client should be able to send this message before it
> > joins the stream, but is it correct?
> >
> > Currently, a client cannot get any information about a peer that
> > invites the client from the invitation (acknowledge request) message,
> > so the client needs some way to find who invites him/her.
> >
> > Kei
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